Provings of new homeopathic remedies

Provings of homeopathic medicines according to international standards (LMHI and ECH).



Mammoths are a species of mammals extinct 4-9 thousand years ago, related to modern elephants. Mammoth remains are often found in Europe and North America, but most of all – in Eastern Siberia.

The homeopathic remedy made of mammoth tusk is interesting because it combines the properties of several groups of remedies: remedies of mammals, remedies of bones and mineral remedies, since the material is fossil, and the bone was in the land for a long time


The research of Chamerion angustifolium (Chame-a.) use in homeopathy was started in 2006. In homeopathic clinical picture of Chamerion angustifolium signs of inflammation of mucosal membranes are stressed, there is also relaxation of muscles, anxiolytic features, improvement of memory and mentality. For further specification and adding of clinical picture of the remedy new research was undertaken in 2015.


From 2016 to 2018 our homeopathic school has made homeopathic provings of national and international banknotes – sixteen currencies from fourteen countries of the world:

Eight European currencies (Euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Swedish Krona, French franc, Deutsche Mark, Spanish peseta, Italian lira), four of which are modern and four are not used.
Four Asian currencies (Japanese Yen, Yuan Renminbi, Indian Rupee, Israeli Shekel).
One cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).
Russian currency (Russian ruble).
US currency (US dollar).
Mediterranean region (Tunisian Dinar, Israeli Shekel, Italian lira, Spanish peseta, French franc).