Proving of mammoth tusk 30 CH.


Mammoths are a species of mammals extinct 4-9 thousand years ago, related to modern elephants. Mammoth remains are often found in Europe and North America, but most of all – in Eastern Siberia.

The homeopathic remedy made of mammoth tusk is interesting because it combines the properties of several groups of remedies: remedies of mammals, remedies of bones and mineral remedies, since the material is fossil, and the bone was in the land for a long time.

People have been always feeling an unquenchable interest in fossils, and, particularly, the discovered bones always excite the imagination.

We were interested in exploring this archaeological substance that has in itself the connection with the remote past, brings together various times, reminds us about the cyclicity of time. The past determines the present. The future is also impossible without the past. Moreover, it gives us a chance to touch what is already unavailable, to experience these fascinating animals of antiquity, their time, their reality.

The feeling when you hold in your hands a mammoth tusk is interesting and memorable. Firstly, it is very dense and heavy. Almost like a stone. But it emits heat, reminding that it is a ‘living’ material.

Mammoths are close relatives of modern elephants, which we know well. Thus, it’s even more interesting to see the differences between them and mammoths having ‘the experience of extinction’.

Archaeological finds give us information about the past, thus shedding light on the present and they are a foundation for the future. The study of the dynamic forces of a bone – a great guardian of such information – enriches our understanding and makes our perception of the world more profound.

The homeopathic proving was conducted in accordance with the Recommendations for Homeopathic Remedies Provings by Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI). The proving was double-blind, placebo-controlled. There were 2 groups of provers: 10 people the main group and 3 people in the control group (placebo). The total number of people was 13. There were also 3 supervisors who were not taking the remedy and who did not know the name of the substance. The symptoms were collected during 5 weeks, including 1 week before taking the remedy.

The following main symptoms were present during the proving:


·      Tendency for routine work; do a lot of work; pleasure from monotonous measured activity; tendency for order, systematic character; the desire to do a lot (a lot of work), including to do things that have been postponed for a long time

·      Feeling of joy and happiness; cheerfulness, mood improved. Joy of communication with your beloved ones, to be with your family; unwillingness to communicate with others; desire to be alone, desire for silence and peace, to go away from everyone, to tell everyone not to disturb you; calmness, tranquility, as if there is a barrier, protection around me

·      Dullness in the head, unwillingness to think, forgetfulness; you need to read three times the same and still there is no understanding

·      Clarity of mind, consciousness is cleared, the feeling of freedom and ease; no fatigue in the head (23 hours); desire to straighten your shoulders, go ahead (one prover gave a nickname to the remedy: ‘homeopathic nootropil’)

·      Feeling of being lost in space; driving in a car seems to be too fast; profuse sweating even from minor maneuvers


·      Ache in the forehead, spreading to the back of the head. It is hard to open eyes. When you lean forward – there is nausea. There is a warm pressing pulsating feeling in the forehead

·      Severe headache from temple to temple, passes through the forehead; with the head sweating, ‘all wet’ (from 2 to 8 p.m.)

·      Sore left half of the face: pain covers the eyes, nose and forehead. Pain is large, aches. Worse from motion, better from pressing

·      Vertigo with the feeling that you are going upwards


·      Around the eyes, behind the eyes - pressing pain; better while pressing the eyes

·      Reduction in visual acuity

·      Increase in visual acuity


·      Stuffiness in the ears, plangency of sounds

·      Sounds are heard in the head; tiredness from loud sounds

·      Whistle (high ringing) in the ears; more (often) on the left side

·      Clarity of sounds; in the orchestra I may even distinguish individual instruments (not just a group of instruments); sounds are perceived as a volume, ‘polyphony’

Stomach, digestion.

·      Desire to drink more water; Reduced desire for cold water when thirsty

·      Desire for sweet / Reluctance to sweet

·      Decreased appetite / increased appetite; eats a lot; desire to absorb a huge amount of food

·      Desire to smoke reduced 2-3 times

·      Burning feeling in the stomach


·      Pain in the lower part of abdomen. Pulling pain. Better from lying, better from bending forward

Stool, rectum.

·      Increased amount of stool

·      Improved functioning of the intestines (regularity, rhythm)

Urinary organs, urine.

·      Burning and irritation in the urethra during vulvovaginal candida disappeared (did not appear again until the end of the proving)

·      More rare urination during daytime

·      Earthy smell of urine; dark urine


·      Burning and irritation during candida (female) disappeared (did not appear again until the end of the proving)

Breathing, cough.

·      Chronic cough disappeared despite the maintenance works, dust, books; the symptom was present not less than for two weeks until she caught a cold, but even then the cough disappeared faster than usual)

·      She began to smoke three times less compared with the beginning of the proving

Neck, back.

·      Aching pulling pain in the upper part of the back; desire to stretch, tilt your head forward, sideways, to throw head back; better from motion (back pain)


·      Aching pain, as muscle pain, in the area of hip joints, in the hips on the both sides; convulsions in the front part of the thighs; better from pressure; worse from motion

·      Heaviness, fatigue in the legs (lower legs, thighs); as if there is no force in the legs (lower legs, thighs); heaviness in the legs disappears during motion; decreases at bending knees

·      There are many different kinds of pain in the hands and feet – the feeling of aching, pulling pain, burning pain, jerking pain, tingling pain, numbness, tremors; increases, in general, from motion


·      Skin does not crack from dust

·      Skin is soft and smooth

·      Irritation with oozing lesion on the face

·      Pimples on the face


·      The whole body is aching, it’s better not to move


·      Theme of death (fear of death, fearlessness of death, dying, waiting for the end, suffering before death and the desire of death)

General symptoms.

·      Broken feeling in the body, desire not to move, desire to lie down

·      As if there is no tonus in the muscles, weakness, heaviness, tiredness; fatigue in the whole body, desire to lie down or, at least, to sit down

·      High spirits in general, I feel better than usual, do not feel tired, a lot of energy, a sense of freshness, lightness

·      Desire to walk a lot, walk all day without stopping, fatigue does not bother

·      General feeling of fever / chills


·      Monotonous work: make a lot of things during long time, pleasure or lack of aversion to it (maintenance, garden, walk a lot)

·      Order: everything in order, laid in its place, systematization

·      Rules: desire to resist the rules; rituality

·      Communication: softness / sharpness in communication; understanding of others; desire to communicate

·      Communicate with other people, friendship, information exchange, peace and respect among people, nations

·      Family: to be together with the family; association with the family; taking care of beloved ones; home cosiness

·      Nature: a lot of space, greenery and plenty of water; earth, you smeared with earth, stones

·      Water: a lot of water, space, fountains, drink plenty of water, swim, play in the water; panic in the water – you are drowning and people on the banks think that you are playing; cling, press to each other

·      Time: time lasts for a long-long time; extension of time; old, ancient shrines

·      China; Asia; Vladivostok (these topics appeared in different versions)

·      Heaviness, to become free from the heaviness of centuries